Our Solutions have made an impact in a number of major industry and service sectors around the world.

The applications and solutions are as varied as our clients themselves. Companies such as Etnies, BMW, KFC, Jeep, Federal Government of Australia, Toyota, NOAA, Fedex Kinkos, Newcastle Coal, Shell Aviation, Queensland Rail, Arc Light cinemas, RSPCA and National Marine Sanctuaries use Touchmate products and services to provide solutions such as: 24-hour access to information on products, services and events, interactive wayfinding directories, personnel directories, transactions for ticket sales, queue management and key marketing activities such as loyalty programs.

wayfinding image

Wayfinding &
Building directories

TouchMate's proprietory wayfinding solution (Signpost101) is the easy to use, comprehensive solution for directing, informing and managing your visitors. It Utilizing state of the art technology to display and maintain what people see.

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MicroMarkets &
Payment solutions

PicPayGo is a revolutionary solution that replaces vending machines in your work place. We also offer a wide range of solutions that allow for payment by
credit card, debit card, eftpos, coin and
bank notes

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Self-serve &
Que Management

TouchMate's proprietory Self-serve & queueing solution (Touch2serve), comprising of both hardware and software, will provide a simple to use, practical solution to keep track, sort, sign in, sign out and direct visitors to the proper location.

Our Kiosk range