TouchMate has a proprietory wayfinding solution called Signpost101™ , It's an easy to use, comprehensive solution for directing, informing, & managing your visitors.

Signpost101™ utilizes state of the art technology to display and maintain what your visitors see. For your visitors, it will provide an attractive and easy interface that works with just a simple touch on the screen. For the organisation it will provide you with an affordable, easy to install, easy to use solution which has the added benefit that when no-one is touching the screen it can act just like any other digital sign or display. The improved customer service and revenue generating potential are just the beginning of its many benefits. For more detail go to the Signpost101 website.

Wayfinding for your industry

Whether it's a patient or visitor a hospital can be a daunting place, a TouchMate wayfinding system provides a simple touchscreen based, intuitive welcoming solution that enables a simple process to find wards, staff or facilities.

Finding a room or event in a large university or educational facility can at times be a challenge - our wayfinding solution not only offers a simple intuitive process, but can also be integrated with existing information systems.

Airports can be daunting, multiple levels and terminals. Because of the nature of airports every minute can count when trying to find a specific gate - your clients need a simple intuitive process to get where they are going.

building directories
Large buildings often incorporate restaurants and function rooms as well as multiple levels of businesses. A TouchMate Wayfinder is a sophisticated directory system to find individuals, businesses and facilities such as bathrooms and shops.

retail outlets
Not only does our system provide your visitors with the outstanding customer service that is demanded by the consumers of today - It can also act as a brand manager to offer unparalleled marketing and messaging opportunities.

A visitor to a casino could be looking for a restaurant, hotel, event facility, shop or even a gaming table - the diverse nature of a casino means that it is important to be able to quickly and easily direct your visitors.